Ms. Amy

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Amy tip toed into her first dance class at 4 years old. It was love at first step and she hasn’t looked back. She has really come full circle, as she now teaches ballet and tap to other 4 year olds. Amy sees little pieces of herself in her young students. “To teach the very class I started off in is a surreal experience for me.” Amy’s array of dance is broad and open. She’s trained in jazz, modern, contemporary, tap, ballet, theatre, and mostly hip hop. “Hip hop is my best style. It’s what most of my dance training consists of.” Amy likes to use hip hop as her foundation and fuse the other forms she’s touched upon, creating her individual style.

Amy enjoys the fact that dance can open so many doors and as a result, create so many opportunities. She also feels dance is important because it unifies people and brings them together. Her inspiration for dance simply comes from life. “Whether it’s emotion, people, music, or even my imagination, I like to create a story.” She has an appreciation for every dance style on the planet. “I like them all, because each style has something unique and different. Dance is like a rainbow; there’s so much color and variety, how could you pick just one? Do it all!” Amy believes that by embracing all styles, a dancer is able to learn about various cultures and appreciate the world.

Amy’s open attitude towards dance spills over into her classroom environment. As a teacher, she likes to make her students feel comfortable and welcome. “I always strive to make my students feel as if they were at home. If I can make a student feel comfortable, it gives them freedom to be uniquely individual and it will pour out into their dancing.” Her embracing demeanor in the classroom leaves her students feeling good not only as dancers, but as the people they are too.

Amy has had formal training on and off at Step 1, Showbiz, and Studio T, since she was about 12 years old. She didn’t buckle down and get serious about dance until 17 years old, when she began to take advanced hip hop classes at Showbiz Productions. “When I hit the advanced classes, I knew it was time to get serious. I had reached a new level. I was closer to my goal of joining a hip hop team.” Sure enough, seven months later, Amy was dancing with Studio T’s hip hop dance team.

Amy’s experience on the dance team at Studio T, led to her meeting a dancer that has had a huge impact on her journey as a dancer. “Kiari Kirk is and always will be my favorite dancer. I tried to give in and stop dancing at one point in my life. He told me to keep going. He simply won’t allow me to quit and for that he is my biggest cheerleader and confidant.” Kiari has exposed Amy to several different styles and is never afraid to tackle anything new. “He holds versatility as a dancer; something I wish to attain, so it’s inspiring to work with him.”

Amy is a tiny dancer with a passionate heart. Ultimately, Amy would love to open her own arts school for youth to come grow, explore, and discover themselves in a positive, happy, and healthy environment. “I want to create an escape from the negativity that life can bring…to reach out to a mass audience and inspire them to make positive change in the world by following their heart, hopes, and dreams.” The best piece of advice she could give to any dancer would be: “Stick with what’s in your heart. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re too big, small, short, or tall to be a dancer. If dance is in your heart, nothing anyone does or says can take that from you.”